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HDO has the capability to provide complete one stop solution from Raw material preparation to final bleached pulp and is well equipped with in-house design, manufacture and execution till commissioning.

Invented and Patented in 1907 the Oliver Drum Filter was first perfected labor saving device to produce continuous separation of solids and liquids which was later adapted for the Pulp filtration commonly termed as Brown stock & Bleach Washers. Further the application was used for filtration of Lime Mud in the soda recovery section and the above technologies have stood the test of times. Since the invention of the Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter, over a century ago, literally thousands of Oliver filters were built. The excellence of the basic design has been soundly established by the successful operations of Filters & Washers throughout the world. Today all major pulp mills in India such as ITC, TNPL, BILT, APPM, JK, Century has an operating HDO Washer.

The Indian Paper industry in the last decades has been facing numerous challenges. The major challenges being non availability of good quality cellulosic raw material, emerging environmental issues, lack of technology up-gradation. With a view to providing equipment & technology solutions to these challenges, HDO has developed pulping and wet-cleaning systems for agricultural waste raw material which is replacing wood as future source of raw material for making Paper. Further Continuous Digesters have been specially designed to handle these raw materials which are phasing out the batch digesters due to the several advantages like savings in steam, power, uniformity of pulp, etc.

HDO's concern for the environment is clearly seen with the design & supply of Oxygen delignification, Total Chlorine free (TCF bleaching) and Elemental Chlorine free (ECF bleaching) systems. The two stage recausticising with desilication developed and promoted by HDO is very useful for recovery of chemicals where raw material is agro- based. Further HDO has supplied a number of Effluent Treatment Plant for the Pulp and Paper Mills.

Accolades & Highlights:

  • First continuous digester for Rice straw pulping right from Raw material preparation to finished bleached Pulp supplied to Bhrikuti Paper, Nepal in the year 1996.
  • Turkmenistan's first ever Pulp Mill that too with latest technology based on Oxygen Delignification and Total Chlorine Free bleaching concept was supplied by us in 2003.
  • First Lignin precipitation system supplied to ABC Papers through Greencone, Switzerland in 2004 from the black liquor generated from Wheat straw pulping.
  • Environment friendly and Cost effective Elemental Chlorine free Pulp bleaching technology system supplied to Ruchira Papers and KR Papers in the years 2006 and 2008.

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