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An Insight into Our Vibrant History

Dorr-Oliver began their journey as two individual entities at the threshold of the 20th century in USA. Dr. Dorr who began in the gold fields in North Dakota and Mr. Oliver was working in the gold fields of California. They both incorporated equipment companies which merged to be known as Dorr-Oliver.. their names became synonymous with thickners and filters respectively. Over the years, their fame reached far and wide as suppliers of quality products for treating solids suspended in liquids and gases. Today one of its strengths are in providing optimum solutions to problems involving fluid/particle dynamics throughout the process industries and for water pollution control. In every part of the world you will come across Dorr-Oliver equipment at work in minerals processing, pulp and paper production, food processing, chemical, petrochemical and carious industrial plants. Together the company's founders held 3000 equipments and process patents. In fact this rich tradition of innovation, expertise and professionalism still lies afresh in the spirit of the company.

Our Impressive Record of First Worldwide

  • Early 1900's invention of Dorr Oliver Thickner - the first mechanically equipped, continuos sedimentation unit.
  • Rake Classifier invented in 1904 by Dorr Oliver - the first electromechanical major ore dressing device in the world.
  • First continuous Vacuum Drum Filter.
  • First Counter-Current Decantation system for mineral processing.
  • First Recausticising system for pulp and paper industry.
  • First Municipal Sewage Treatment Clarifier.
  • First Fluid Bed Sludge Incineration.
And many more...

In India, Dorr-Oliver has sustained its presence since 1912 when it sold the first Dorr Rake Classifier to Kolar Gold Company opened in Mysore which was then imported. In 1946 the company opened an office in Mumbai from where it grew by leaps and bounds in its operations. In 1977 the business of the wholly owned subsidiary of Dorr Oliver in India was taken over by a Public Limited Company in the name and style "Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited".

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